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Even the most robust mining equipment require a replacement part from time to time. That’s why Gekko have spare parts for all their proprietary equipment, available and ready for immediate shipping.

Better still, customers can pre-order spare parts for their Gekko equipment. The part will then be available on site when the time comes to replace it. Rapid availability of spare parts is critical for preventing lost production due to ordering and shipping of parts.

Gekko will recommend a list of both operational and critical spare parts for clients to have available on site, depending on their specific equipment or type of operation. This will help overcome mechanical breakdowns due to normal wear, such as replacing valves and pumps, and address possible electrical malfunctions, such as replacing a proximity switch or level sensor.

For staff performing a part replacement to Gekko equipment or within Gekko circuits, technical support and training is available. For further information, contact Gekko today.

ILR Training information

The intensive leaching of gold (ILR) training course is a comprehensive, technically focused program developed and designed for metallurgists, engineers and advanced operations personnel. The course has been designed as an online, do at your own pace program providing technical people with the knowledge to get the very best out of the unit process.

Consistency of knowledge and unit operation is the key to best practice and this was recognised by Gold Fields Limited who in collaboration with Gekko, identified the need and the benefits from which the course has been built. The course will provide individuals and organisations throughout the world the knowledge to maximise value from the InLine Leach Reactor.



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